Driven to develop successful business from the ground up and to further our solid long-term relationships with our diversified customer base, LITAT has expanded into the food trading industry. Trading different food commodities such as meat poultry, live cattle, lentils, sunflower oil, fava beans and more, we feed global needs.
By strategically transferring the expertise of a team versed in importing and exporting 3 million MT of steel per annum, LITAT brings real trading experience to the agribusiness. With well-established procurement and forwarding offices already spread in strategic locations in the world and strong relationships with European and international banks, we are primed to excel. Committed to importing and exporting the best quality food and services in the market, we carefully select produce from only top notch suppliers and sources across the globe from North America to South America, South Africa, Europe, and Australia.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extraction

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extraction
    LITAT through Citadel Bdadoun Ltd ventured into olive oil extraction. The finest, award winning Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Adon & Myrrh is the result of a meticulous harvest and top notch Italian extraction techniques based in Bdadoun, Lebanon. The olives are handpicked and sorted to ensure that only the best and healthiest are used. Extraction process begins within 24 hours of harvesting to provide the consumer with incredible freshness.
    The first cold extraction process adopted at the plant uses superior methods such as pitting the olives to produce the best quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our olive oil facility is 100% eco-friendly. We transform the solid waste into fuel pellets and the waste water into water for irrigation through a treatment refinery. Adon & Myrrh has recently won local and international awards such as bronze medals at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition